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Having trouble choosing a wedding photographer or a photographer just in general? Choosing my own photographer was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make! Here’s some quick tips that may help in your decision & that I have found useful being a photographer myself!

1. Updated & reliable equipment - You wouldn’t want someone with an outdated/old camera! While lenses are a huge factor, the quality of your pictures will be drastically different.

2. Coverage - Make sure you get the coverage/amount of hours you know you’ll need & then some! Weddings tend to run a little behind at times, but you don’t want your photographer to feel stressed! You definitely want to be able to get more than enough shots of your day, since it does happen only once after all.

3. Consistent style/editing techniques - You want your pictures to look like the same person took them! Imagine trying to put together a wall collage or memory album.

4. FUN! Pick someone who’s personality you love! Ask to meet up with them for coffee or simply set up a phone call. Choosing someone you know & can easily trust is what will make your day memorable.

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